• Welcome to Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
      We welcome you to Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Family. Our hope is that you feel at home here with us. We are a parish family of the local Church of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, in the Sidney Deanery. As a parish family, we care about each other and share generously of our time, talent and treasure for the good of all our fellow parishioners.
      Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in both Word and deed, to celebrate the sacrifice of the Mass and to lead each other to salvation. As a Christian community in the Roman Catholic tradition, we are committed to be praying, caring, teaching, and serving signs of the living God's presence.
      With faith in God and hope in His promises, we move forward together in the love of Jesus Christ to meet the challenges of our times. With Jesus' help, we can do it together. Won't you join us?

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      ANITICIPATION that we
      introduce to you an opportunity to grow in your faith. 
      We have partnered with
      Stewardship: A Mission of Faith and Lighthouse Catholic Media
      to bring you a new
      Purity Pack Resource Center
      filled with life-changing materials.  These materials have assisted many churches, schools, businesses and other locations in planting the seeds of the Gospel
      message of Jesus Christ in the souls entrusted to their care.  They are excellent resources to engage your children in conversation about
      purity, chastity, and that often uncomfortable topic of sex. 
      They know what the world teaches. 
      Do they know what the Church teaches?
      Our Purity Pack Resource Center will be located on the west wall of the gathering space starting the weekend of November 15th. The center is filled with material that is free of charge.  Gift donations are accepted to help cover the cost to
      replenish items in our display.  A large variety of books, booklets and CD’s are available on the topics of chastity and purity by Jason and Crystalina Evert, as
      well as the topics of relationships and marriage the way God intended them to be.  There are several ways to become involved with this initiative and join the Mission:
      · Please join us in prayer.  Prayer is key to the success of the Purity Pack.
      · Take full advantage of these resources.  We pray that your lives now and along your journey toward God in the future will be blessed.
      · Consider making a donation to Stewardship: A Mission of Faith to help ensure the success of this program so that it can continue to draw people closer to Christ.  Envelopes are located in the Resource Center; please place your
             donations in the offertory collection.
    • Mass Intentions
      Tuesday, December 02, 2014   Communion Service
      Wednesday, December 03, 2014   Communion Service
      Thursday, December 04, 2014   Communion Service
      Friday, December 05, 2014   Communion Service
      Saturday, December 06, 2014   Ray Albers
      Sunday, December 07, 2014   For Priest Intentions
      Sunday, December 07, 2014   For the People
      Monday, December 08, 2014   Immaculate Conception :  Richard Dressman
      Tuesday, December 09, 2014   Wayne Reiss
      Wednesday, December 10, 2014   Ray Albers
      Thursday, December 11, 2014   John Albers
      Friday, December 12, 2014   Bernadette Hoying
      Saturday, December 13, 2014   Ray & Betty Heitman
      Sunday, December 14, 2014   Paul Richard 
      Sunday, December 14, 2014   For the People
      Monday, December 15, 2014   No Mass
      Tuesday, December 16, 2014   Lawrence Baumer
      Wednesday, December 17, 2014   Esther Winner
      Thursday, December 18, 2014   Richard Clune
      Friday, December 19, 2014   Paul Richard, Gary Schulz
      Saturday, December 20, 2014   Living and Dead Members of Randy Monnin Family
      Sunday, December 21, 2014   Judy and Dan Schemmel
      Sunday, December 21, 2014   For the People
      Monday, December 22, 2014   No Mass
      Tuesday, December 23, 2014   Wayne & Viola Reiss
      Wednesday, December 24, 2014   For the People
      Thursday, December 25, 2014   For the People
      Thursday, December 25, 2014   For the People
      Friday, December 26, 2014   Marie Behr
      Saturday, December 27, 2014   Deceased Members of Thaman & Hoying Families
      Sunday, December 28, 2014   For the People
      Sunday, December 28, 2014   Ralph Thaman
      Monday, December 29, 2014   No Mass
      Tuesday, December 30, 2014   Melvin Luthman
      Wednesday, December 31, 2014   For the People
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    • Mass Times
      Vigil Mass: 5:00 p.m.
      Sunday: 8:00 & 10:00 a.m.

      Weekdays: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at 8:00 a.m.
      (Subject to change due to Funeral Masses.  Please see Mass Times link.)

      Holy Days: Please see Mass Times link

      Reconciliation:  4-4:30pm Saturday, before the Vigil Mass

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    • Prayer Line
      Pat Prenger   419-628-2101
      Therese Schmidt  937-394-8896
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      Email Parish Office to schedule meeting times & rooms for your group or organization, rent the basement/kitchen, ball diamond/shelter house.

      Please note that tables and chairs are no longer available for rent.